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The Role Of An Adoption Attorney


Adoption is an exciting time but also a stressful and nerve-wracking one. The process includes many steps, deadlines and rules that must be followed before you can officially bring a new child into your home.

An adoption lawyer is essential during adoption. We have yet to meet someone who has gone through an adoption without one. Lawyers help to file paperwork correctly and on time, as well as guide soon-to-be parents through any court proceedings that take place. They can ensure that the process runs smoothly and that you are not missing or incorrectly completing important steps.

We know adoption is a very emotional and overwhelming time so we want to ease your worries.

We Have The Answers And Knowledge To Help You

At Haskell & Zimmerman, we have helped many individuals and couples through the adoption process. Legal work should always be personalized to the client, so we will get to know you and your situation so that we can best serve your needs. We know this is a very emotional and overwhelming time so we want to ease your worries.

We are here not just as attorneys but as a legal resource. Throughout your adoption process, we can answer any questions you have. We do thorough research for our clients and we are very knowledgeable about family law matters. You never have to feel lost because we have gone through this process with others and we will guide you through it too.

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The adoption process can seem daunting when you are excited about finally being the parents of your new child, so we will help to ease you through it.

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