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Weapons Crimes

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Maryland Has Strict Gun Laws

Maryland has some of the strictest gun laws in the country. It is very difficult to obtain a carry permit in the first place, but even with a permit, you could be accused of illegal purchases, illegal transportation and other such crimes. It takes an experienced criminal defense attorney to investigate all the facts of the case and uphold your rights regarding firearm possession.

What Are The Consequences Of Weapons Crimes?

Gun crimes in Maryland have mandatory minimum sentences. This means that you must serve a set amount of jail time if charged. The amount varies based on the crime. A weapons crime can also disqualify you from owning firearms in the future.

Gun crimes do not just involve possession or carrying. Other crimes, such as assault or theft, have harsher consequences if weapons are involved. For example, if a firearm is used during a robbery, the person could be charged for both theft and a weapons crime. The penalties would accumulate to result in more jail time than each crime individually.

Gun crimes in Maryland have mandatory minimum sentences.

Let A Skilled Lawyer Defend You

Because of the strict nature and penalties of these crimes, our team at Haskell & Zimmerman will fight relentlessly against your charges. We understand the difficulties you are facing, and we know how to navigate the legal process behind weapons crimes. Based on your situation, we will devise a strategy that works toward your best interests.

We are experienced in weapons crimes defense.

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