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Sex Crimes

The Harsh Consequences Of The Sex Offender Registry

Sex offenses, no matter the severity, will alter your entire life. In addition to penalties such as fines and jail time, you will be required to register on the Maryland sex offender registry. Your information could remain on the registry for 15 years or more. For some offenses, you could be on the registry for life.

Being on the registry affects many aspects of your life. It may place restrictions on where you can live such as not being allowed to live near schools. It can also affect your career and prevent you from working in certain fields. Your custody of your children might also be impacted.

The sex offender registry has a strict time limit. You must register within three days of your release from supervision or before you are released from your prison sentence. Failing to do so can result in more jail time.

At certain intervals of time, you are required to re-register. For example, you may need to re-register your information every few months for the duration of time you are required to be on the registry.

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Due to the strict time limits and harsh consequences, finding a skilled criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible is imperative. We are skilled in sex crimes defense and we deeply understand the legal process involved in these cases

At Haskell & Zimmerman, our attorneys have over eight decades of combined experience, which we will use to fight against these potential penalties.

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