We Create Wills And Trusts That Protect Your Assets

An estate plan is a set of legal tools that determine how your assets will be distributed after you have passed away. A will is the most well-known part of an estate plan. However, you may need to use several other legal instruments as well to ensure that your assets are distributed quickly and according to your wishes.

Personal Assistance With The Estate Planning Process

At Haskell & Zimmerman, we offer complete estate planning services tailored to your specific situation. Our attorneys have extensive experience with all elements of estate planning, including:

  • Simple and complex wills
  • Living will
  • Trusts
  • Tax saving devices
  • Power of attorney
  • Legacy estate planning
  • Elder care

When you contact our law firm, one of our attorneys will meet with you in person to learn about your situation, your needs and your wishes. Once we understand what you want in your estate plan, we can recommend the appropriate tools to ensure your wishes are carried out. We can also suggest tax-saving solutions that will allow your heirs to avoid unnecessary estate taxes.

At Haskell & Zimmerman, we never leave anything up to chance. We take a very thorough approach to estate planning, working closely with our clients to build a strong plan that suits their needs. And if those needs ever change in the future, our lawyers are able to alter your estate plan to ensure it continues to represent your wishes.

Contact Haskell & Zimmerman

Let us help you plan for the future. To schedule a free consultation with our law firm, please fill out our online form or call 240-326-3625. Our firm has offices in both Upper Marlboro and Prince Frederick. We also offer evening and weekend appointments upon request.

We serve clients in Upper Marlboro, Prince Frederick, Leonardtown and all across Maryland.