Who Can File For Guardianship?

If a loved one has become disabled or impaired, you may be able to obtain guardianship to care for them and make decisions on their behalf. However, guardianship is not always straightforward. You will want a knowledgeable attorney advocating for you and helping you complete each step of the process correctly.

In Maryland, only specific people can acquire a guardianship. Your loved one may have appointed a guardian before becoming disabled. If not, you must be related to the disabled person such as being their spouse, parent, sibling, child or other relative.

We Will Handle Your Legal Issues

Applying for guardianship involves lots of paperwork and knowledge of the petition process. A lawyer can work with you to give you the best chances of success. On top of the paperwork itself, he or she can advocate for you in court proceedings.

Our team at Haskell & Zimmerman has experience in a variety of family law issues. We are highly dedicated to providing you with the best service possible. You should not have to worry about complicated legal issues when you are preoccupied with your loved one's well-being. Let us be your advocates and your resource for any questions you have.

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