The Importance Of A Lawyer For White Collar Crime Cases

Because white collar crimes are complex and difficult to prove, the process usually begins with an investigation by the FBI. Before accusing someone of a white collar crime, they need the proper evidence to make a case worthwhile. If you know or suspect that you are being investigated, get legal help immediately. White collar crimes are incredibly serious and you can only benefit from having an attorney defending you during this period.

White collar crime refers to deceptive acts that are committed for financial reasons. Some common examples are embezzlement, bribery, insider trading and any type of fraud. In these cases, the federal government is the one investigating the issue, meaning you are up against a large and powerful entity if accused. You need a tenacious lawyer with a deep understanding of how to handle these situations.

We Know White Collar Defense Strategies

One key element of white collar crimes is intent. If you did not intend to engage in criminal activity, it is possible your actions could lead to other charges but you cannot be convicted of a white collar crime. One defense we can employ is to prove that you were unaware your actions were criminal. Examples of other defenses are duress or entrapment. We will find the strategy that works best for you and relentlessly work to protect you.

Choose A Lawyer Who Can Protect You

At Haskell & Zimmerman, we have over 85 combined years of legal experience and extensive knowledge of legal processes. We have faced large entities before and we will do it again to defend you. Let us put all of our resources and knowledge toward protecting your future from the harsh penalties you could face.

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