How Your Unique Circumstances Affect A Homicide Case

The evidence in a murder or homicide case plays a huge role in how the charges are classified and what penalties they carry.

A first-degree murder, which is the most severe type of murder charge, must involve premeditated intent. Sometimes, the use of a weapon to kill, even without premeditation, could be classified as first-degree. It depends on the case itself.

Lesser charges may include second-degree murder or manslaughter if there was no premeditation or no intent to kill.

No matter how the charges are classified, though, they are serious. Your penalties could range from a few years in prison to a life sentence without parole. Being charged with murder or homicide of any kind would also continue to affect future opportunities in your life.

Do Not Put Your Future At Risk

If you are accused of homicide or murder, you need an attorney on your side who has extensive experience with criminal defense strategies. You cannot risk such a serious conviction on your record. The stakes are far too high not to invest in trusted legal representation.

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