Juvenile Offenses Should Be Taken Seriously

If your child is accused of a juvenile offense, you are no doubt scared and concerned about what will happen next. Juvenile offenses should not be taken lightly, as they could greatly impact your child's future. At Haskell & Zimmerman, we work to defend young people in these situations.

How Is Juvenile Court Different Than A Criminal Hearing?

Juvenile court serves a different function than the criminal justice system. Its goal is to rehabilitate delinquents rather than punish offenders for their actions. To do this, its penalties may include community service and probation rather than jail time. However, one similarity is that you need and have a right to an attorney.

Having any criminal marks on record, including juvenile offenses, will affect your child. We want to prevent one mistake or poor choice from changing his or her entire life. When you come to us with a juvenile case, we will answer any questions you have and strive to gather as much information as possible about the incident. From there, we can challenge your child's charges or negotiate to reduce the penalties and impact of the outcome.

Choose Lawyers Who Are On Your Side

We want to stress the importance of legal representation in these cases. Juvenile offenses are serious matters that require sound advice and protection of your child's rights. We have experience defending juveniles and we always aim for our clients' best interests.

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